Body Butter Blends - Luxurious body butters with organic ingredients for after bath and shower. All butters have a base of organic cocoa butter or mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil and apricot oil. Each butter type has an essential oil blend that is designed to target supporting you in your particular wellness journey. Ingredient list is available with purchase. These are mild dilutions of essential oils and will last approximately 3 months after opening and 1 year refrigerated. $20-30 for 4 oz glass jar depending on which blend you choose.








Sun Soother


Hot Mama


Body Defense







Coconut Salt Scrubs - Scrubs have a base of Himalayan pink salt, coconut and apricot oil. Use in shower only and rinse shower/tub well after use with hot water. Scrubs are essentially designed to remove dead skin cells which enable our skin to absorb the wonderful moisturizing products we use. Do NOT use after shaving or tattooing skin. 4 oz glass jar. $15.00. Ingredient list available with purchase.



Wild Orange




Custom Blends - estimates upon request

Lip balms - Balms are created in batches and I always have a stock of several blends. Creating a new batch (not in stock) is a custom order and comes in 40 tubes. My Lip balms are made with all the best ingredients and are extremely moisturizing to dry and chapped lips. *This product contains beeswax. Ingredient list available with purchase. $5 each.




Bleach Blend

Pumpkin Spice

Vanilla Wild Orange

Vanilla Spearmint

Vanilla Coffee

Balms, Gels & Salves - These products are stronger dilutions of essential oils. * Some products contain beeswax. Available in 1 & 2 oz glass treatment pump & 1 & 2 oz. glass jar. Ingredient list available with purchase. $20 -$40

Bee Balm

Body Armor Salve


Sole Soother

Boo Boo Balm

Melissa Melt

After-Burn Gel

Nature’s Ease Gel

Sting Soother

Creams & Body Oils - Made with a natural base of either hemp/apricot/avocado/jojoba or other carrier oil bases - the oil base I use varies and depends on what it’s being used for and which oil contains the best properties to assist and support your wellness journey. Ingredient list available with purchase. 4 oz glass pump or glass jar sizes available. $20 - $45

Coconut Shade - Natural sunscreen. Approx. 25 spf. *contains beeswax.

Essential Touch Oil - Custom blended body oils with your favorite oils or choose a blend from my butter menu. These are priced according to how many essential oils are in the blend.

Skin Drink - Ultra nourishing skin oil.

Sweet Dreams Baby oil - A gentle baby oil designed especially for baby with a mild base.

Night Moon Oil - Bedtime massage oil.

Tummy Tamer - An oil to support your digestive system.

Lovers Duo - These 2 products are wonderful to give your special someone or for people struggling with intimacy in their relationship. 2 oz glass jar or 10 ML roll on for men and women. $15 - $20. Ingredients available with purchase.

Sex RX - *NOT for use with condoms.


Roll-On Perfumes, Sprays, Synergies - Made with oil or alcohol base. Perfumes are a stronger dilution of essential oils in 10ml size for use in aromatherapy for the pure enjoyment of the aroma or to support your wellness struggles. I always choose oils that support the body’s ability to deal with specific challenges you may be dealing with. Spritzers are a fun way to use oils with a lighter scent that dissipate quicker without an oil base and come in 2 oz glass bottles. These are best for spraying in air, fabric or surfaces. Synergies are full strength with no carries added and have power pack delivery to support the body systems and your journey with wellness.

$10 - $35

Body Rain - Seasonal body spritzers with unique blends for all 4 seasons. Winter, Spring, Fall and Summer.

Bug Juice - Natural insect repellent.

Critter Gitter - Natural flea and tick spray for the fur baby in your dwelling.

Simply Clean - Natural hand cleaner.

Sweet Sheets - Linen spray for the bedroom.Spot On Roll On’s - Custom blended perfumes with aromatherapy in mind!

Mini Synergies - Small full strength synergies for steam inhalations.

Inhaler tubes - Individually custom formulated to order. Ingredients available with purchase. $15

Spa Collection - Spa quality products for body and face. All products are custom designed especially with your skin type in mind. Made with organic butters, oils and floral hydrosols. *Some products contain beeswax. Ingredients available with purchase 1-8 oz sizes in glass bottles/sprays/pumps/jars. $25 - $50

Skin Smoothie - An after tanning cucumber hydrosol based cooling cream.

Mermaid Minerals - 8 oz wonderful combination of essential oils, Magnesium flakes, pink salt, dried organic flowers. Comes in a glass jar, beautiful for bathroom, on your first order. Designed for a relaxing bath by candlelight. Refill’s available that come in brown paper bags that are easily used to refill your jar the next time around, less expensive shipping too!

Nature’s Facial Collection - Designed and blended with wonderful vegetable carrier oils, all organic, natural bases, aloe, hydrosols and essential oils. There are 7 products in my collection outlined below: Available for: Dry, Oily or Combination skin types. *Some products contain beeswax. In 1 & 2 oz. glass jars and bottles.

1) Fresh Face Cleanser OR Botanical Rain Wash Cleanser - A gentle face wash.

2) Rose Glow Toner OR Botanical Rain Toner - A gentle toner.

3) Coco-Apricot Whip Moisturizer OR Mango Sun Whip Moisturizer - Day and night time use.

4) Skin Dew Serum OR Raindrop Serum - Beautiful oil based serum for face.

5) Java Flax Exfoliator - Made with a base of powered organic espresso coffee and powdered flax seeds mixed with other wonderful ingredients. This is my most perishable product.

6) Nature’s Clay Mask - All natural clays combined with oil and aloe for face. Clays are specific for drawing. I use 3 different clays depending on your skin type.

7) Eye Love Java - Eye balm with avocado infused organic coffee oil.