I’m a small home based business. I personally formulate and blend all my products. Every product is designed with the highest grade essential oils available. Most products are made in custom-blended small batches while some are made individually. All are made by hand, by me. I don’t carry large amounts of stock as my products are perishable. They are all made to order. The turn around time on most orders is 2-3 weeks. I also have a shop in Cleburne, Texas and am open to the public 3 days a week. Some of the ingredients I use are organic. I strive to use all organic ingredients if they are available. However, not all ingredients can be certified as organic. For example, Himalayan salt and the clays I use come naturally from the earth and are not labeled organic. Sometimes organic ingredients can’t be found so the highest quality is used in the purest form available. The absolute best ingredients I can find are an integral part of my products. My products are not labeled “organic” in general. I also only use glass containers if available. I avoid plastic as much as possible and focus on recyclable materials in all my containers, labeling and packaging. Lip balm tubes are still plastic as I have an aversion to essential oils in metal tins. Most of my hydrosols, butters, beeswax, coffee, herbal and vegetable oils, as well as a large percentage of my essential oils are certified organic from the supplier. In order to keep my prices reasonable I have opted to not “certify” my formulas or finished products as “organic”. None of my products contain preservatives or chemicals. Some of my herbal oil ingredients are wildcrafted and solar infused by myself and take 8 weeks to prepare. All of the butters I use as well as the beeswax are raw, organic and unrefined by the companies I order from. Most of my products have a 3 month shelf life after opening with the exception of lip balms and salves. Refrigerating some products will increase the shelf life to a year. However, some products should not be refrigerated at all. Some of my products can’t be shipped in hot summer months as they will melt. All products come with an ingredient list that includes the botanical names of the materials I use. None of the products or ingredients I purchase are tested on animals and the packaging as well as the ingredients are all Earth friendly. All of my containers are re-usable or recyclable and I offer a recycle program for my local clients on all glass bottles and jars. You can be certain that all of my products contain excellent and high quality ingredients. Each essential oil has been researched and delivered to you with much care and prayers for wellness.

I am a Certified Professional Aromatherapist with training in essential oils and their use. The information provided on these pages is strictly for informational purposes. Please use careful discernment and double check with your naturopath or doctor before taking any vitamins, supplements, essential oils and natural products, especially if you have an existing health problem. Essential oils can also burn if you have sensitive skin. Always have a carrier oil on hand for this reason when using essential oils. Use oils with caution in pregnancy. I do not recommend using essential oils for anyone in their first trimester of pregnancy. NEVER use citrus oils in the sun or in tanning beds. Other oils should not be used in sun as well. Some essential oils can not be used by those with certain medical conditions or with certain prescription medications. It’s best to consult with an aromatherapist before using essential oils if you aren’t sure about a particular oil. If you have allergies please consult with your physician before using products containing essential oils. Some oils should not be diffused while other oils need a salt or fat when using in your bathwater. Many oils should be refrigerated. If they are not stored properly they can oxidate and cause skin irritation. Essential oils are a VAST subject. I’m here to help and advise you to the best of my ability. Never assume you know everything about essential oils as they are very powerful plant extracts. If I study for another 30 years I don’t think I will know “everything” myself. My site does not have a “shop” button or “order cart “available as I have taken an oath to do no harm. It would be irresponsible for me as an Aromatherapist to just sell you products without talking to you first, in my opinion. I must ask questions and sometimes do research to discover any contradictions for any medications you might be taking. I also need to know if you have any allergies to my ingredients and what your expectations are. My goal is not to see how much product I can move. My goal is to support you on your wellness adventure and to empower you to make your own choices while on that journey. I have products I have designed that have worked well to support others and those are the products I offer you. I display some of these products in my shop so clients can see what I do and the type of goods I produce. I also do custom designed blends based on your own personal needs and desires.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new healthcare program. I am not a doctor or medical professional.